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Gizmo formerly Marc

Back in 2017 after our very first foster had finally been adopted, I saw a call for fosters for a large litter of 1 week old orphaned puppies and jumped at the thought of being a dog mom. The designer pups arrived on a cold winter day in early January perfectly on my husbands birthday. For weeks I slept in the basement with the 3 babies bottle feeding and all the mom jobs. As they grew they moved upstairs and learned to eat solids, play with toys and snuggling. I had to travel for work and told the kids they could only keep 1 and they had to decide. They made the perfect choice. Marc now Gizmo is the best thing in the world. He is my baby and his happiness and energy makes me happy every day. We have continued to foster and he welcomes each one and helps them feel safe. 

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