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Zoe formerly Dolly


Our adoption story began April 27th when I lost my soul dog Avery. He was perfect in every way until all of a sudden he went lame in both back legs and at 115lbs that was tragic. After trying everything we had to do the right thing for him and let him go to the rainbow bridge. Our other dog Danny is also a big guy who is over 12. I thought I'd let him have the rest of his time as an only child but he was sad and lonely. After taking him on a trip over the 4th of July where there were other dogs he really perked up so we immediately started looking when we returned. My favorite childhood dog was a weimaraner so instantly I connected with Emmy Lou's pups. My husbands only requests were smaller than the two boys I brought into this marriage with me and vacuum friendly fur. Check and check (pretty easy to be smaller than 115lbs). Dolly/Zoe seemed to be the most easy going of the pups although honestly it was a tough choice. They all had great personalities. In the month since we brought her home Zoe has bonded with Danny, started school where she is a star, gone swimming, kayaking, hung out at multiple dog friendly restaurants, made friends with the neighbors grand dog Lulu (we keep finding her squeezing through the fence to play), was potty trained in a week, got a new cousin to grow up with nearby, and put herself in charge of stick retrieval in our yard. She loves her "house" and gets in happily on the rare occasion that she can't come with us. We absolutely adore her and her crazy quirky personality.

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