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Roxie formerly Star

It’s been about eight months since we brought home our lovable pup. Roxie (formerly Star) is almost three now, but you wouldn’t guess it. She still bounds around like a puppy, full of energy and exuding happiness. She’s not the same dog that she was all those months ago—found by the side of the road—scared, dirty, emaciated from having no food, for who knows how long. Thank goodness the caring volunteers of Safe Haven, rescued her. Her temporary foster mom brought her back to health in a loving home full of other dogs. My husband was on the fence about getting another dog, after our soul dog, Oscar, passed a few years ago. And, we were worried about how an unknown pittie mix stray would interact with our kids. So, Roxie’s foster mom let us come over and spend some time with her. Roxie did so well with the kids. She was calm and curious, immediately bonding with our youngest son, who doesn’t remember our first dog. See, Roxie has a big round “O” spot on her back. It felt as if Oscar sent her to us. Our house is filled again with a happy energy, that only a dog can bring. The lonely void Oscar left, now filled by our lovely Roxie. She’s the sweetest dog we’ve ever met. Thank goodness for the caring people at Safe Haven. Helping these cast away dogs get a new chance at a full happy life is so wonderful. These pups need us, and we need them, too. Please consider adopting one of these beautiful dogs. You won’t regret it!

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