While you foster, Safe Haven provides food, crate, toys, shampoo, treats, leash, collar, and vetting at our participating veterinary offices.  You provide love and start the dog on basic training. 

To apply to become a foster home, please complete this application and email it to: foster@safehavendogsil.org



For more information, please see the below Frequently Asked Questions:


What is the Foster Care Program?

The foster care program is a program by which Safe Haven Dog Rescue is able to temporarily place animals into the homes of foster care volunteers to allow them the necessary time to become adopted. Potentially adoptable animals are given a temporary home, care, and love while they are waiting for a permanent home.


What Does a Foster Parent Do?

Foster families provide the loving attention required until we can place these animals in a new home. Volunteers take in dogs and puppies and during emergencies may provide shelter for kittens and cats. These generous people provide a hands-on lifesaving service to homeless animals.  Since we do not have a facility this is the only way we can help to save the unwanted animals that are due to be euthanized.


Who does the Foster Care Program benefit?

The animals: Foster care for shelter animals has a direct impact on the number of homeless animals saved each year.

Animals that otherwise may have been euthanized can be adopted into permanent, loving homes. These animals also start out with a stronger training background and wider socialization, which will help them become the best possible pet.


The volunteers: Although foster care can be difficult, it is an incredibly rewarding experience. Each time a foster animal is adopted, you gain the satisfaction of knowing that you have helped another animal find a lifelong home when it may have otherwise been euthanized. It is a flexible volunteer position that allows you to choose the type of dog you are comfortable sharing your home with.


The community: Foster care provides the community a larger segment of healthy, socialized animals. In addition, as a result of foster care by volunteers the public becomes more educated on the need for strong community-wide spay and neuter programs.


What are the Requirements to become a Safe Haven Foster Home?

To become a volunteer, you must first:

  •  Fill out a specialized foster care application, and speak to a Safe Haven Foster Care Coordinator,

  • If renting, provide proof of landlord approval to foster a dog or puppy,

  • Have adequate space and time to care for foster animals,

  • Be willing to spend a large amount of time and energy with an animal that will become available for adoption.

Responsibilities of a Safe Haven Dog Rescue Foster Home:

The basic responsibilities you would be expected to fulfill as a Safe Haven Dog Rescue Foster Home are to:

  • Provide food (proved by Safe Haven), water, socialization, training, exercise, and administer medication (provided by Safe Haven) for foster animals.

  • Provide a secure home for the animal(s).

  • Ensure that your personal household animals are healthy and current on vaccines.

  • Observe foster animals and report any problems or questions to the Safe Haven Foster Coordinator. 

  • Understand that veterinary care cannot be sought without receiving approval from a Safe Haven Representative.

  • Return all animals to Safe Haven for scheduled adoption events or as requested.

What if I fall in love with my Foster?

Before Foster Dogs are posted for adoption the Fosters are given the option to Adopt them, standard adoption rates apply.